Everyone I know is excited by the eclipse, even if not viewing it from the path of totality. The news is calling what we collectively have “eclipse fever”, and certified safety glasses for viewing may have historically never sold better. It may not be as exciting as the eclipse that “checked” Einstein–but it is regardless a rare event and I think a toast to our celestial bodies is in order.

Drinks that honor the eclipse abound, but I have two that I am leaning towards for the evening. The  Prairie Oyster is often a hangover drink, but why limit it to the morning? After all we will have artificial night during the day…

The Prairie Flower

Prairie Oyster (+alcohol)

1 raw egg yolk
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
2 dashes of Tabasco sauce (or other hot sauce if you prefer)
Liquor of choice–mine will likely be gin but use your favorite.
optional Eclipse variations: bitters, vinegar, tomato sauce…
In a shot glass or small glass pour in all ingredients but the liquor. Carefully add the
liquor trying not to disturb the contents at the bottom. Slide the egg yoke in and watch
the ingredients move around the glass. Sprinkle with cayenne if you want more of a kick.
If raw eggs and swirling hot sauces sound a little much–a safe backup could be whiskey
with stone balls. I am eager to try them, adding a chill without watering down your
Whatever drink you favor and wherever you are watching it from, we know that
everyone will be focused on the same thing when it happens, cheers!