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0x600 Camden from Mount Battie

We stood at the top of Mt. Battie overlooking a vast view over the islands of Penobscot Bay and the small Harbor town of Camden, Maine, which played the role of Peyton Place in the popular television drama of the ‘50’s. There could be no more quintessential American small town than this small New England village, with its white church spires piercing a green canopy of the hills as they meet the sea. At my feet I read a poem immortalized in a bronze plaque.

All I could see from where I stood

Was three long mountains and a wood;

I turned and looked another way,

And saw three islands and a bay.

So with my eyes I traced a line

Of the horizon, thin and fine,

Straight around till I was come,

Back to where I’d started from,

And I all I saw from where I…

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